Sunday, November 8, 2009

Drank on Friday, felt like !@#$ on Saturday, and now watching Julie and Julia on Sunday

Okay let's start with Friday.

My coworkers and I went out for what I thought was going to be a casual, almost semi-formal dinner, but what it ended up being was even better. The evening started off with our boss saying, "everyone must drink tonight." And that's when the sh*t hit the ceiling. Now I was originally hesitant about over-ordering, given that our boss was taking care of the bill, but that didn't stop one of our more artsy coworkers to order up a storm. Hot sake, cold sake, long island iced tea, a pint of this and a pitcher of that. Cheers and "drink, drink, drink" could be heard, quite loudly I think, from our table. The cherry on top of the ice cream? The owner came with a round of free shots and we swallowed it whole like.... [censored sexual thought]. It tasted like cinnamon dentyne.

Now, I don't drink much. Actually to be honest, I only started drinking this year. Everything tasted terrible, but clinking glasses and the laughter of good times, who could pass up on that. I've always thought that even though alcohol was a disinhibitor (which means it makes you do things that you wouldn't have done if you weren't drunk), I would be relatively immune to such effects. At the time, I thought, I'm pretty in control but the days following, I thought I may have been a bit much, especially since it was with coworkers.

On Saturday, I felt like !@#%^. What didn't help was that my oldest sister and her 2 monsters decided to come over, in addition to the two boys from upstairs. Did I mention I live in a basement suite with my mother (and little brother) and our landlords live above us? They are in the fisheries industry and smell so horrible so much of the time and lack an adequate standard of hygiene. Oh, did I mention that they like to "borrow" food and other household items from us and never return them even though they make well over $100,00 a year. Our cumulative family income is not even half of that, I want to say not even a quarter but that may be overexaggerating. I pay half of the rent and hmm... sometimes half of the food, all of the internet and likewise the phone, and thankfully not cable, because we don't have it. Now it wouldn't be so bad if we didn't live with uncultured, ill-mannered brutes...

Now I was pretty sour and a little hung over today, but then I found Julie and Julia and I've got to say it warmed my heart (if not my stomach, seriously, they borrow food from us). I'm going to finish it off and then get started on the hundred odd things that I have to do before this day, year, and degree is over.

But I think I've regained a bit of the blogging passion again. That makes me happy. (Btw, I just noticed, 3 followers now! That's awesome. I'm love love lovin' this adventure.)

You're gay,


Masahiro said...

Oh yay, I admit, i love to go out for a drink or two. Especially when someone else is buying. I don't drink much either but when I do, oh boy it's not one or two drinks, it's like fifteen shots one after the other. And boy do I have stories. I think I get really flirtatious when I get drunk.

You guys should really consider a trade for your belongings. Cut out some of the rent for whateverthey don't return. Unless they are that impossible to deal with. Oh dear. I hope they aren't Asian!

SG said...

I know, ESPECIALLY when someone else is buying. Hahaha. *wink wink*

They are SOOO Asian! Why must they confirm the stereotype about cheap Asians. lol. I really don't want to borrow anything from them because they are gross (poor hygiene). lol.

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